About Creative Curacao

Creative Curacao is a young multimedia company, specialised in writing, content editing, photography, design, web development and the online promotion of your company. Within the company exists an abundance of knowledge of the media branch, with emphasis on online work. Because Creative Curacao is a small and local company, we can offer you our strong products at very competitive prices.

Creative Curacao offers you the best of both worlds

Creative Curacao was launched in 2011 by David Dovale and Madeline Hewitt. With our journalism backgrounds and exceptional knowledge of the (online) media branch, we can offer our clients custom solutions. We offer the best of both worlds at Creative Curacao. We have excellent development and editorial skills and we complement each other perfectly. As a client, you can take advantage of our proficiency and broad service packages. David takes care of most of the technical details at Creative Curacao. Madeline is the creative force behind the company.