Why you should advertise online

Why you should advertise online

April 14, 2012 Web Comment

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Willemstad - Although more and more businesses are moving their branding and marketing online, businesses in Curacao appear to be staying behind and sticking to more traditional ways of advertising. Companies will pay a fortune for their ad to show in local newspapers like ‘Extra’ and ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’.

As a multimedia agency we often advise our clients to be more visible online. You can start by creating your own website or by updating your current one. Being active with regard to social media and interacting with your (potential) clients are also very important, as are online advertising campaigns. Your clients are online and you should be too! But we still, regularly, have to answer the same question: ‘Why? Thousands of people read the newspapers every day! Shouldn’t I advertise there?’

The pro’s of advertising online
The answer isn’t always short and simple, but in most cases it is. First of all, advertising in local print media costs a fortune which most of our clients can barely afford. Second, newspapers like Extra target a very specific audience. If your clients aren’t in their target group of readers, then don’t advertise there! And third, chances are that your potential clients are already online looking for a company like yours. Problem is – they can’t find you. If they can’t find you, they WILL find the competition.

Why advertising on Google works
One of the big advantages of advertising online, is that you’re able to target your audience in a very direct way. Let’s use this great example from Google to explain:

‘You know who needs a haircut? People searching for a haircut.
Maybe that’s why ads on Google work.’

Your ad will appear only for those it’s intended for. So if someone is looking for a car rental in Curacao, they WILL find your car rental business. And they’ll find it for weeks, or even months. The difference with advertising in newspapers and magazines? How many people reading that newspaper will be looking for a car rental? How many people looking for a car rental will read that newspaper on that specific day that your ad is in it? Exactly…

Need help..?
Convinced and want to try out online advertising yourself? Let Creative Curacao do the work for you. We’ll set up your online campaign and strategy and analyse all the results for you. Whatever you need, we’ll help!

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