Websites and frames… *sigh*

Websites and frames… *sigh*

August 15, 2011 Web Comment

Creative Curacao - Multimedia Agency Curacao

Willemstad - You were probably very proud when your website was created back in 1603.  Your site was ‘the hizzy’ and used the latest technologies like frames! We didn’t know Google back then, so who cared about silly things like keywords and meta tags? In a time when no one was online, you were! In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

A few centuries have passed now and even your 8-year old niece is represented online. The world’s largest search engine ignores your website like the plague and the unlucky few who do come across your page immediately jump off of the Juliana bridge. Why is that you ask? Frames are ugly, wonky and Google does not like them! Do you also have such an ‘awesome’ website? Then it’s time for a new one

The scenario we mentioned above also applied to website of Aegis Contract Management, a contract management company in the Netherlands. The company’s webpage was created twelve years ago and was not updated anymore. The website was old, to put it lightly. The designer obviously thought that it was more important to hide a online greeting card shop within the website, than to update it with decent keywords, descriptions and meta tags. The result: a very ugly website that (luckily) could not be found online. The client was also still paying the full hosting price, which was significantly higher twelve years ago than it is today.

Creative Curacao stepped in and gave the website a much needed upgrade. The result is a simple, efficient website that soon will be found much easier by the search engines! And from now on, instead of paying 100 euros a month, the client will only pay 23 euros a year (!!!) for hosting.

Are you still stuck with your old website? Do you want to switch over to a new look? Contact us and we will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

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